I am a professional Dominatrix and Mistress, I do not offer any sexual intimacy, nudity or sexual services.


I am highly skilled in all the areas of play that is on offer, I have undertaken extensive private tuition in the art of Shibari, Medical Fetishism, and BDSM research, I have spent many hours practicing and perfecting my skills in numerous London and UK Dungeons. I provide professional play in a safe way. Every session is conducted in a clean and relaxing environment with sterile apparatus and toys. I understand that every client is unique therefore each session is tailored to your kink but ultimately to my desire. Whether you are seeking an attractive seductress to act out your fantasies, a Boss Bitch, a strict disciplinarian, a controlling mistress, or a sadistic nurse,

Goddess is the beginning of your journey into submission and servitude.

Tie and Tease
This involves you being in bondage whilst I tease you with a variety of toys including blind folds, vibrating wands and other sensual aids to get your nipples, cock and balls sexually stimulated, up to arousal; denying you orgasm.
Bootworship & Footworship
Pedicured feet with beautifully painted toenails require revering. Adore and worship Goddesses feet and her endless selection of boots and shoes that are always awaiting a skilled hand or tongue to clean them.
You will be tied, restrained or immobilised using any combination of cuffs, straps, ropes, chains, or black wrap cling film. My sessions generally involves you being in bondage whilst incorporating a number of other activities such as spanking, humiliation, teasing, sensory deprivation, trampling to name a few.
Involves both physical and or verbal ranging from slapping of the face, spitting, forced water sports play, you will take orders and insults as Goddess sees fit and will understand that your place is beneath my feet where you belong.
Sensory Deprivation
This includes a wide variety of equipment to restrict the sensors like for example hoods, body suits, blindfolds, gags, earplugs.
Nipple Torture
The stimulation of your nipples to achieve a higher level of sexual arousal, from gentle teasing to a high level of pressure and pain. This involves Goddess restraining or immobilising your movements, focusing on sensation to the nipple and surrounding area using an extensive range of toys including nipple clamps, nipple suckers, pegs, electro nipple clamps, electro pads, Pin wheels, heels and nails.
Cock and Balls Torture (CBT)
From gentle sensation play to extreme. This can include cock and ball whipping, slapping, pumping, stretching, clamping, kicking, trampling and crushing. I have a wide range of tools at my disposal including but not limited to feathers, willy whips, electrics, urethral sounds, pin wheels, weights, hot wax, ice, pegs, irritable creams, nettles, spikes. Your cock will be mines from the moment our session begins.
Pegging and Anal Play
Anal play includes the stimulation of the anus and prostate. This includes using a variety of toys from butt plugs, to various sizes of strapons and dildos, speculums and electrics. I enjoy nothing more than training beginners.
I particularly enjoy fisting, and will push the boundaries of even the most experienced anal play players. This involves flat hand – full fist, fist punch and or double fist.
Corporal Punishment
Consensual administering of physical punishment (Judicial discipline, school discipline, domestic discipline) with various equipments CP includes, caning, whipping, paddling, flogging, spanking. CP ranges from mild to severe.
Electro Play
This is the use of electric equipments specifically designed for the use in BDSM play, this involves applying electric currents to a variety of areas including nipples cock balls and anus to stimulate. The stimulation ranges from a mild tingling sensation to an intense pulse. You will feel a sensation of multiple fingers running over you at once, light to intense pulse or sudden intense shocks.
Wax Play
Candle wax dripped onto your naked skin, mainly applied to the nipples cock and balls or bum up to full body wax play. The sensation can also be heightened by being bondage and restrained, whilst I create wonderful warm patterns on your skin.
I will walk, Jump stomp all over your cock and balls, back, chest, stomach and your face with my barefoot, trainers, heels and boots I average at 69 Kilos/152 pounds, and my feet are size a size UK6/ EU39.
Medical Play
I offer fetish examinations using a variety of medical instruments, I have a large selection of latex and pvc uniforms to match almost all medical profession from a steely nurse to sadistic surgeon you will be fully examined in a gynaecological settings or a home visit environment. Double consultations are available.
Chastity Training
I will deny you orgasm and self pleasure; I will train you to control your orgasm you will learn to keep your hands away from your cock. I will determine the period of time your cock is kept in captivity, I will hold the keys and you will only be released on my instructions.
Cross Dressing Service
I specialise in male to female transformation, I do full make up including lash extensions, I have a selection of female fashion from stockings and suspenders, miniskirts, school girl uniforms, evening dresses and wedding dresses, I will allow you to experience what you would otherwise not be able to experience at home but secretly want to. Cross dressing can be combined with any other services available.
Sissy/Maid training
Want to become an obedient and useful servant for Goddess I will train you to become the perfect servant ready to obey my every orders and commands. You will carry out a variety of chores as I see fit, learn how to position and will be assessed throughout failure to meet the required standard will not be tolerated.